Dark Night of the Soul


Lately I have been talking to a lot of committed Christians who, for no apparent reason seem to think that God has stopped listening to them. They feel abandoned by HIM or like he is hiding from them. They say things like: “It feels like my prayers are just bouncing off the walls.” or “I have been asking God for _____ for weeks, and he doesn’t answer me at all.” This leads most of them start asking me what do I think is the problem with them that they can’t hear or feel God in their lives anymore.

As a pastor, this is one of the most frustrating questions to be asked. I mean if there is sin in their lives, then that is probably what is blocking God and usually he will tell me or the person I am talking to will let something slip that shows me what is between them and God but a lot of times they are living in right relationship and still aren’t hearing the voice of God or feel his presence in their lives. When that happens, I try to explain that besides unconfused sin there are two other reasons that we might not be hearing from God.

So the first reason besides a break in your relationship with God is that the enemy is delaying God’s answer to you so that you will either accuse yourself of some unknown unresolved sin, or so that you will accuse God of breaking his promise to never leave us. (Hebrews 10:5, Deuteronomy 31:6 and Matthew 28:20) God is Truth and therefore, cannot lie since he promised to never leave us, to be with us until the end of the earth then we know that he is here. Since he promises “call on me, and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things you don’t know” (Jeremiah 33:3) we know that he is keeping his word.

However, if we look at Daniel chapter 10, we see an example of the enemy delaying an answer to prayer. Daniel 10:12&13 say this:
12 Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day that you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before your God, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them. 13 But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.
for 21 days the answer to Daniels prayers were delayed by the prince of Persia this is not a physical prince but the demonic prince of the region of Persia. Why would Satan or his demons delay our answer from getting to us.

Well, scripture tells us that he is the accuser. The response of everyone I talked to about this recently have proven it. They all wanted to know what sin they were committing that was stopping God from having fellowship with him. Sometimes it is sin but if it is God will reveal it so that it can be dealt with. Satan also uses it to accuse God of breaking his promise. This is the oldest trick in his arsenal of tricks against mankind. it is the one he used on Eve in the garden if you think about it boiled down to its most basic is God is a liar, he is keeping stuff from you. He didn’t keep his word making you in his image. He made you less than him. And we buy into it almost every time at least until we learn that is what he is doing, and then we are aware of this trick and it doesn’t work as well. There is one other reason for us not to hear God for a period, and it was called by the Christian mystics of old the “Dark Night of the Soul.

2. The Dark Night of the Soul was a term created by Saint John of the Cross in 1587. It is a time of Stillness when God hides his presence from our perception to cause us to seek him harder. It happens only when God is trying to take us to a new level of relationship with Him. It leads to a deadening for a period of time of everything spiritual in our lives we have no desire to seek the things of God. By that I mean we don’t “feel” like it; we may want to in our spirit, but our emotions seem to disconnect from our spirit. We are as several people have told me lately “Just going through the motions”.

This is held out in scripture look at most of the psalms of David. They are either songs of praise to God or cries for God not to hide himself any longer. As an example look at Psalms 13: 1-3 in those first three verses of this psalm David asks how long to God 4 times and ends verse three by saying if you don’t reveal yourself to me soon I am going to die. And yet the Psalm ends with David standing in faith on what he knows to be true not what he is feeling is the truth. Read this whole psalm to see what I am talking about.

Some people ask me how I know that the Dark night of the soul is not just sin in our lives that we don’t know about. My answer is found in Isaiah 50:10 It says “Who among you fears the LORD? Who obeys the voice of His Servant? Who walks in darkness And has no light? Let him trust in the name of the LORD And rely upon his God.”

Notice that those who walk in darkness and have no light put their trust in God. This is a Biblical description of that Dark Night of the Soul.

If you happen to be finding yourself in a Dark Night of the Soul take heart, they are not permanent, they are to see if you are willing to press on; and in doing so you enter a deeper relationship with God that isn’t based on feelings or what you can see, hear and feel. It is a relationship with God based on what you KNOW is True. He will never leave you or forsake you. So take heart and press through till you see the LIGHT in your darkest night.


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Review of Nourished by Becky Johonson and Rachel Randolph.


As a FlyBy Promotions reviewer, I get the chance to review a lot of cool products. I was asked to participate in a review for a new book for women titled “Nourished: A search for Health, Happiness and a Full Nights Sleep.” Written by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph.

The a

uthors are a mother and daughter and part of the “Woman of Faith” team. This is their second book written together. The title caught my eye, so I thought I’d give it a try. That is when my problem started. Honestly, I tried to read this book, but I couldn’t connect with the authors, probably because I was a man.

However, I do know a woman who I thought might be able to help me out. I happen to be married to her. So for this review I want to welcome my wife Sheri to the blog to talk about her impressions of the book Nourished.

Sheri: Thanks for letting me share with your readers.

Me: Well I knew if anyone could help me review this book it would be you. So thank you for taking the time to read the book and give me your impressions on it.

Me: Tell me what you thought of the book overall.

Sheri: I thought it was good. I personally liked it and saw where it was needed. It teaches women about the need for balance in your life and then gives ideas for how to get that balance. The fact that it was written by a mother and daughter allowed the examples and suggestions to reach both younger and older women. I think these ideas will help me and would help our daughter as well.

Me: So you said you thought it was needed are you saying that women today are so busy that they don’t have balance in their lives?

Sheri: Most of us have more moments of imbalance between our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Maybe because we’re too busy, we haven’t been taught to seek that balance, or we think doing so will take more time than we have to give.

ME: What are some of the things that you learned that you need to work on to maintain that balance in your life?


Sheri: One of the things that I guess I knew but had gotten away from was exercising daily. I’m not talking kill yourself work out but even just a simple 30-minute walk or sometimes on a treadmill or at the pool just something physical to keep my body in better shape and release those chemicals that exercise helps keep in check in our body.

Another thing I got was taking the time to sit and really talk with our kids and grand kids. To stay a part of their lives. Not just to do for them but to talk with them and listen to them. To let them know that they are important to me, and that I want to still be there for them.

The last big thing I got was that I needed to nurture mature relationships with the people I consider friends. I realized that I need to spend some quality time with them. Not just those few minutes when we run into each other in the street or before or after church. To spend real time getting to know them and letting them get to know me. That way when I need emotional support, my support people are invested in me and I in them.

Me: So besides the things you learned in the book. What were some of the things about it that you liked?

Sheri: These two women were open and honest about their lives. They didn’t preach balance they showed how they had needed balance in their own lives. They gave examples from their lives. They showed how they messed up along the way and showed how they got back in balance when they slipped up.

They had a way of taking their most horrifying moments and filling them with humor.

Me: Would you recommend this book to other women?

Sheri: Yes, I think that every Christian woman would be able to get something from this book. I even suggest that pastors get a copy and keep on their bookshelves to help the women in their congregations.

Me: Well thanks for helping me with this review. I really appreciate it.


Sheri: I was glad to help you know that.

So there you have it my wife says this book is a definite 5 stars for women and will be a real blessing to any age lady who picks up a copy.

And if you want you can enter here to win a free copy. Just comment below and I’ll enter you in a drawling to win a copy. One lucky person will get their own copy of Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Nights Sleep.”

Until next time God bless you all. -PG

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Interview with Rhonda Marie Stalb

beautifully broken ebook

Today I’m sharing and interview and book trailer from a brand new, still shiny, Christian Indie Author, Rhonda Marie Stalb. Rhonda is a member of the Christian Indie Authors and Readers Facebook group and just published her first book. The Book is called Beautifully Broken and is her memoir. The back cover describes her book like this: “Beautifully Broken is a memoir that tells Rhonda Marie Stalb’s journey to happiness.
It is a wild ride to adversity, bad choices, and healing. It is the story of how God takes what was meant for evil and turns it into something beautiful. In Rhonda’s book, we will see how God is very aware of our hurts and He wants to heal us. Furthermore, we see how God is with us every step of the way through the pain, trials, and losses. In this poignant story, we will also see that God doesn’t waste our pain. He leads us to people who can be his hands and feet as he takes what is broken and makes it into a beautiful work of art. It is only by being Beautifully Broken that Rhonda has learned to minister to those who have the same hurts, fears and dreams as herself. Her goal is to help women and men who are where she was to find their way to being Beautifully Broken.”
Here is my interview with her:

And here’s her book trailer.

So if that seems like a book that would interest you grab your copy at
Talk with you next week -PG

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The Identical Review and Movie Giveaway contest.

I was given the opportunity to view this movie so that I could review it before the DVD release today. I will say that I LOVED IT. The trailer above is I think the best description of the movie. The official description from the DVD follows:The Identical is a redemptive Movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who rejects his father’s desire for him to join the ministry and instead embarks upon a career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success, failure and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really is.

In reality, this movie is so much more. It’s a great family film that you can watch with your whole family. No strong language or any nudity at all. Yes, it is centered around the birth of rock and roll so there is some smoking and drinking. But theHerorefuses drink after drink and never smokes. I found it as a pastor a refreshing change of pace to the movies of old where they didn’t have to be vulgar to sell movies.

At its heart this is a movie about finding ones calling in life and the struggle to do so. Beyond that it is a movie about the weight of secrets and how they can affect a family. Ray Liota and Ashley Judd are wonderful as the pastor and his wife who love their son all the while trying to keep the secret of his birth. I was surprised by the star who of course plays two roles as Ryan Wade and music superstar Drexel Hemsley. Blake Ryane is a successful Elvis Impersonator and while everyone says the Drexel character isn’t based on Elvis the resemblance of the early Drexel is certainly uncanny. Besides a great look at family and discovering ones purpose in life, it is also a great look at the birth and heyday of early rock and roll.

The film releases on DVD and Blue Ray on January 13th, and it is a great buy that is a fun film for a family movie night and the sound track has twenty-two original songs on it that will have your feet taping and your whole family boogie woogieing the hours away. However, the people at City of Peace films has given me an extra copy to give away. So everyone who comments on this blog post below will be entered in a drawling to win a copy of their very own. Contest ends Friday January 16th, and the winner will be announced on the 19th. So enter bellow and good luck. Nevertheless, win or lose, you’ll be a winner if you grab a copy of this video and the soundtrack for your family.

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Youngest Indie Author Story.

Hey there, I’m starting the year off by sharing a flash fiction piece that was written by a young man that has impressed me over the last year. He is to the best of my knowledge the youngest Christian Indie Author I know.  David Strong has done the NanoWriMo challenge for young people two years in a row now. His first Novel is almost ready for publication. He entered a short story contest that I entered a few weeks ago. I won, he didn’t but I thought I would share with you his entry. He is seven years old so his determination to become a published writer for kids his age is encouraging and unusual. This is his short story about a furry fuzzy animal. Let’s encourage him to keep writing and learning.


“Squeaky Stuff”

By David Strong (7)

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Philip Whatshisface. Now, in his family, every summer, they go to Peru for five days and four nights; on the fifth night they go home. And one time in Peru, he was searching for an animal cute and cuddly to take home and take care of. And he found one; a lost-from-the-pack guinea pig! He picked it up and found its pack, and he gave the pack a hay bundle. Then, they all loved Philip, but not as much as the rescued one. Philip bought two cages and a lot of guinea pig food brands and a lot of hay, and they “squeaked” happily ever after.

The End


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Nugget Nate and the Christmas Callin’

Hey everyone Merry Christmas. I wanted to give each and every one of my readers a free story for Christmas and as I sat working on Christmas Preparations  tonight this story came to me. So Merry Christmas and enjoy.

It was Christmas Eve and Nugget Nate was carefully wrapping the gifts he had made for Penny and Young David. This would be the first Christmas that David would be able to enjoy, and Nate had spent all year on creating the boy the perfect Christmas toy. He had built a large model of Noah’s Ark and carefully over the last eleven months carved two of every animal. He polished the last one and put them in the burlap sack and tied it with a wayward string from his own buckskin leggings.

Almost the same care and attention had gone into Penny’s gift, and he was positive she would know that she had the best Nativity Scene anyone had ever owned. He already knew what she had gotten him and had helped David picked up for him too. He loved that his upper-crust society wife understood that all a mountain man needs is simple, practical gifts. And the new buckskins she had made for him and the beaver skin gloves that she had helped David tan were perfect. Tomorrow would be just perfect for him and his family. They were in Kentucky visiting his mama and would be staying until after his baby sisters hitchin on the first. Then they would go back to New York for David to continue to get the doctors treatments that he needed to grow stronger.

Just like every night Nate walked over to where his sickly son lay sleeping beside his mama and layed his hands on him again. He began to press in asking the Good Lord to strengthen and heal his son. As he pounded on heaven’s door, a single tear slipped past his lid and ran down into his beard where it disappeared into the wealth of sandy blonde facial hair that adorned the Legends face. He moved his hand to his wife’s cheek and once more thanked God for the cherished gift of his most precious Penny. Then Nate quickly shucked out of his skins and climbed into the feather bed beside the two most precious people in his life. Just as he was starting to slip into slumber that all too familiar feeling came on him, pulling him back to full wakefulness. He was getting a callin’. Someone needed his help.

The person he felt needed him didn’t make much sense. He knew that those feelings were never wrong and that God sent him what he needed to know but how in the world could he believe what he was being shown? It couldn’t be. Nate loved Christmas as much as the next storyteller. He told Saint Nick stories to the kiddies every pig picken, just like the mountaineer had heard his Daddy tell them, but they all knew they were just that, stories. So why was the picture in his head of Jolly Ole Saint Nick and that pull to get a move on so strong? Only one way to find out Nate had learned long ago. So he got up, slipped on his clothes and gear grabbed his bear skin coat and headed out the door. As he passed the workshop, he swung in and grabbed a hand drill. No idea why but he knew he’d need it fer this adventure was done.

The snow was just beginning to fall again and by the height of the moon, Nate knew it was Christmas Morn. “Well Happy Birthday Jesus. I hope yer getting’ a good laugh got me up here looking fer wonderlights and Christmas Spirits.” The only response he got was a slight change in direction and up the mountain he went. About an hour later, Nate heard the sound of Sleigh Bells, and as he rounded a bend in the trail came to a complete stop. His mouth dropped open at what he saw. A very loaded sleigh with eight reindeer hitched to it and Santa Clause himself on his knees at the head of the team beltin’ out a prayer of his own. “I know that you have a plan Lord. Please send me the help I need to keep my vow to you again this year. Otherwise, I don’t see how I’m gonna get these presents delivered in Your name this year.”

Nate shuffled a few steps closer and saw the Jolly ole Toymaker look up at him. There was no denying who this was even if he wanted to because when the Legend saw him; he burst forth in the most famous laugh known round the world. “HO! HO HO! Thank ya Jesus.”

Nate continued to stand staring at the big man as he rose from the ground. “Well Nugget Nate as I live and breath. Don’t just stand there man get over here and help me fix this here sleigh. I’m running out of Christmas Magic and got a lot of stops yet to make.”

Nate just shook off his shock and walked over to where Santa stood. “Well Nick, y’all don’t mind iffen I call ya Nick do ya?”

Santa chuckled again “Of course not Nate. I’m bout to be reciving some of yer special callin type help so it’s the least I can do.”

Nate just nodded “What’s the problem and how can I help?” Santa's Sleighjpg

Santa pointed to the hitching bar on the right side of the sleigh. Dasher there slipped a step and we hit that there cedar and snapped the hitching bar. Now I can’t steer the sleigh.”

“That’s simple enough I’ll just cut one of these saplings and fashion ya ‘nother one in about ten shakes.”

Kris Kringle shook his head. Can’t do that Nate. I would have been able to do that myself. I do have a bit of experience with making things ya know.” His eye’s twinkled.

“See my sleigh only flies because the Good Lord sends the angels that sang to the shepherds to sing over the sled and empower it with the blessing of that special night. If we replace that bar with one that hasn’t been blessed I still won’t be able to complete my task.”

Nate stroked his beard and looked around at where they were. They were just a stones throw from his favorite fishin’ hole and he remembered an old water hardened log precisely a bit rounder than Santa’s broken bar. “Alright then how about a splint? Will that damage the power of the Blessing?”

Santa gave it a though for a minute. “Well the whole stave would still be in place, so I don’t think it would. Anyway, I would say if God sent you and this is the answer you came up with it’s probably what he has in mind.”

Nate nodded. “Allright well gives me a hand and we’ll gets you back up and running in two shakes of a coon’s tail.”

Nate and Santa went down to the creek and sure enough there was the log, and Nate pulled out Davey’s hatchet and after a few minutes of chopping had a section about two inches longer than the break on each side. Then he took the Hatchet and split the log in two sections, and he took half and Santa took half the went and placed them over the split after putting the broken pieces together again. Nate took the drill and drilled two holes through the whole thing on each end and then quickly fashioned four Ceder pegs and using the flat side of Davey’s hatchet, he pounded them in and then pour some water from the creek over them to swell them and hold the patch snug.

As Santa ran his hand over Nate’s work, there was a faint Gold and Silver glow that passed from his hand to the patch. The sleigh lifted a few inches off the ground, and the team began to grow restless. “Yes Dasher I see it. We’ll be back to it in a moment.”

The Legendary Toymaker turned to the Legendary Mountaineer and held out his hand.Thank you Nugget Nate. I am much obliged to you. Now help me into this contraption, so I can get back to my mission seeing as how yours is done and mine is only just begun.”

Nate helped the man up into the sleigh and shook his head. “Won’t know one believe me even if I told them this tale. What’s worse is every word would be true.”

Santa threw back his head and roared out his trademark chuckle. “Same will be true for me too Nate. When I tell the Missus and my workers that I met ya they won’t believe me either.”

Nate reached into his belt and pulled out his Arkansas Tooth Pick. “Well this here is the very Knife Jim Bowie gave me when I beat him in that knife throwin’ demonstration. You jes show them that, and they’ll have to believe ya.”

Santa laughed again “We both know this is not the very knife, but I’ll take it anyway. In return let me give you a Christmas gift.He reached under his sleigh and pulled out a small wooden chest with the Letters SC carved into the lid. “You take these and use them to keep making people happy with your handiwork Nate.”

Nate opened the chest to see a set of wood carving tools finer than anything he’d ever seen in his life. “Won’t you be needed these to make them toys ya deliver?”

“I happen to know that the Missus just got me a new set made. I didn’t know why I felt the need to bring these with me but reckon they were meant for you. Now enough jawin. You done finished yer callin’ I need to complete mine. Time to remind the kids of HIS love for them.”

Then with a snap of the reigns and a whistle Santa exclaimed. “On Dasher, On Dancer. On Prancer and Vixen. Up Comet and Cupid and Donder and Blitzen.” The Team strained at the hitching rails and up the sleigh went. When it had reached the top of the trees, Nugget Nate heard Saint Nick Say: “Merry Christmas Nugget Nate you saved Christmas tonight!”

Nate watched until he couldn’t see the sleigh or its little ole driver anymore and started back to his bed. He knew that God was in control, and if he had wonders like Nick out there working for HIM, then he had Nate’s little family in the palm of His Mighty Hand. “Merry Christmas Nick, God bless your trip.”

The walk home seemed like that glowing gold and silver light shined off of everything along the way and Nate’s feet fairly touched the ground themselves.

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The Little Diode Christmas Tree.

Hey everyone with this being the Christmas season I wrote this little tale for a contest I entered. It was loosely based on the true story of a favorite Christmas Decoration in our family.  I hope you enjoy.

New out of the box

New out of the box

It sat on the shelf, one of fifty of the newest Christmas decorations a multi-colored diode Christmas Tree. It was perfect. It looked like a Christmas tree, and its diodes burned cool and flashed between Red, Yellow and Green. Everyone who saw them thought they were cool, and they were flying off the shelves. This particular decoration wanted to go home to a loving family whom it could help enjoy the Season of the Birth of Christ.

The little diode tree watched as its brothers and sister flew out the door. Finally, it was the only one left, and it began to worry that it wasn’t going to find a home for Christmas. Then HE walked in. Bald and leaning on a cane the man looked all around the store. He seemed to be looking for something in particular. He picked up several prelit trees and put them back then he approached the Little Diode Tree. He picked it up and turned it around and round. The little Diode Tree began to wish this person would take him home. Subsequently just when the tree was convinced that he was once again not going to be chosen the man whispered “Perfect” He looked for one in a box and couldn’t find any. Then he picked up the Little Diode Tree and the empty box it was displayed on and went to the Cash register. “Is this the only one of these you have left?”

“Yes sir those were quite popular this year we’ve sold over a hundred of them.”

“Well I really want this one will you sell it even though it was your display model.”

Certainly sir, I’ll even give you a discount since we’ve been using it.”

With that the clerk rang up the Little Diode Tree and placed it in the box. The Tree thanked God for giving him a home for Christmas. Soon enough the tree was being pulled out of the box and plugged in. The little tree looked around at his new home and his new family. There was the man who had purchased him and sitting on his lap clapping and squealing was an excited toddler.

“Nathan this is your Christmas tree. You can’t touch the big tree the things on it will break, but this tree is Nathan’s tree.”

The little toddler reached out and gave the tree a hug. The tree was crushed and didn’t look like the perfect Christmas tree anymore, but he was loved and sharing in the family’s Christmas celebration, and he was happy. That night and every night after that Nathan would play with him and set and watch him flash his diodes and every night at bedtime Nathan’s mommy or papa would unplug him and carry him to the top of Nathan’s bed and plug him in again. The Little Diode Tree would blink all night long and help keep little Nathan from being afraid of the dark.

The Christmas season ended, and all the decorations were put away except for the little Christmas tree. He stayed out until Nathan’s second birthday. When Nathan’s mommy got him a star generator for a night-light, and the Little Diode Tree went into the box of Christmas decorations.

The next year out came the decorations, and almost three-year-old Nathan was happy to see his Little Diode Christmas tree. Yes, the Little Diode Tree was a bit misshaped by the love of the last year and the time in his box but papa straightened him as best he could and then surprise, surprise they showed the Little Diode tree to Nathan and his new baby brother. Now the Little Diode Tree wouldn’t stand watch over one precious child but two. Papa reminded Nathan. “Now you can’t touch the big tree Nathan, and you can’t let your brother touch it, but both of you can play with this little Tree all you want. It is Nathan and Alexander’s Christmas tree.”

So for another season the Little Diode Tree was part of the family’s Christmas celebration, and the boys did touch him the hugged him and played with him, and the Little Diode Tree looked less and less like a Christmas tree. Once the holiday season was gone the Little Diode Tree looked very pitiful. It wasn’t shaped like a Christmas Tree anymore. It really looked more like a sad and twisted Mountain Pine. Some of it’s diodes didn’t light any more and there was some talk about how much use they had gotten out of the cheap little decoration. Once again, the tree was boxed up and put away with all the decorations to await the next year,

Before Christmas could come around again the Little Diode Tree caught a conversation that papa was having about them having to move, and that they weren’t going to take anything they didn’t absolutely have to have. They were moving to a small apartment and Nathan, and his brother and mommy were moving into their own little apartment. The little Diode Tree wondered if it would be considered something they had to have. He knew he wasn’t as pretty as some of the other decorations. He knew he had some of his diodes that didn’t work anymore, and he knew he had been crushed and straightened so many times that his family might think he wasn’t worth the limited space they had in their new apartments.

The day of the move came, and everything was being loaded into the truck but none of the Christmas decorations had been loaded. It looked like the family was going to get brand new decorations for their new houses. The Little Diode Tree felt sad, but he understood all decorations knew they would only be around until they were replaced. He understood but he really wished he could spend only one more Christmas with Nathan and little brother Alexander. Then just before the family left for the last time the box of decorations were picked up and placed outside with a free to good home sign placed on them. However, at the last possible second papa stopped the truck and came back to the box of Christmas stuff. He opened the box, and the Little Diode Tree heard him say. “I know it was in one of these boxes… come on where are you. Then after rustling in the box the Diode tree heard. “Ah there you are!” Papa’s hands scooped him up from inside the box. The little Diode Tree was worried it’s time in the box hadn’t been kind, and it was mostly just a ball of twisted wires and a very few diodes. But papa didn’t seem to care, he placed it in a box in the back of the truck, and away they went.

Today was Thanksgiving and papa and grandma had Nathan’s family over to eat turkey and help decorate their brand new Christmas tree. They brought out all the brand new decorations and put them up on the tree. As they were getting done Nathan and Alexander’s mom pulled out the Little Diode Tree and looked over it’s sad little condition. “Dad why did you bring this of all things? It looks worse than Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree. “

diode tree 2

after 4 years of “Love”

Papa took the crumpled Little Diode Tree and sat in his chair carefully untangling and straightening its wires and diodes. When he was done the Little Diode Tree was worried. He didn’t much resemble a tree at all instead he looked more like a loose collection of wires and diodes. He was ugly and he knew it. He wouldn’t hold it against papa if they did throw him away. Nevertheless, his little electronic heart did a huge leap as papa plugged him in and Nathan and Alexander clapped and gathered around him. “Oh no,” Papa said. “I would get rid of the big fancy tree before I got rid of this Little Diode Christmas Tree. He’s part of our family Tradition and as long as a single diode lights, he will always have a place in our Christmas decorations. He reminds me that Christmas is not just about Jesus but a time for children. This little tree isn’t perfect and pretty, but it is full of love and understanding.”

The Little Diode Tree felt the current as Papa plugged him in and once again told his grandsons. “Remember you can’t touch the big tree but this is Nathan and Alexander’s Christmas tree, and you can play with it as long as you share.” As both brothers squealed and reached for the Little Diode Tree it blinked its diodes with all the love it had to give.

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