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Love at First Sight

He sat alone at a table in the corner of the restaurant facing the door. Would she show up? Was she as nervous as he was? He  almost hadn’t come himself but his friend Jeff had pushed him. “Jordon, what do you have to lose? After all if you don’t go you’ll never know. She might be ‘the One’, she might not be; but if you don’t go you’ll always wonder.”

So here he sat, nervously waiting. As he waited he wondered, would she show up for their first date? They had talked online for months and it had seemed that they’d clicked. However, face to face was different. Here, he couldn’t hide his secret. He had to put it all on the line and hope that she was as hopelessly enamored of him as he was of her.

The door opened, and in walked a woman in high heels and a loose skirt. Could this be her? They had agreed not to use their web-cams so that their relationship would be based on real feelings, not visual attraction. Which had been perfect for him, it allowed him to keep his secret just a little longer. The down side was he was pretty sure he was halfway in love with her. If his secret was too much for her to handle, his heart was going to be broke. Panic hit him, “Why didn’t I tell her? This is going to be a real shock.” Now it was too late because the woman and the hostess were approaching the table.

Jordon stood and smiled, “You must be Gloria, I’m Jordon. I’m pleased to meet you in person.”

“Jordon you’re much more handsome than I thought. Thanks for agreeing to finally meet me.”

“ After all the time spent talking with you and chatting on line I feel like I know you. Won’t you be seated?”

Both of them sat and the hostess left with the familiar “Your server will be right with you.”

“So?” Gloria asked, are you disappointed?”

“Disappointed? No, why would I be?”

“Jordon, the first thing I said was how handsome you were but you still haven’t mentioned what you think of my appearance. Do I live up to your mental image of me?”

Jordon swallowed the lump in his throat, he should have known he couldn’t keep up the charade for long. “Gloria, I wish I could tell you that you are more lovely than I had dared to hope. Honestly, I don’t know if you are or not.” He reached up and removed his sunglasses, “You see I’m blind so I still haven’t seen you. I know I should have told you before we met. I was going to, but I was afraid.”

“Why were you afraid Jordon? I don’t understand.”

Jordon struggled to keep his voice from breaking with the weight of his emotional turmoil, “Because I’m falling for you and didn’t want to lose you.”

With a smile in her voice Gloria took his hand in hers. “You’re so sweet. How could you possibly think the fact that you can’t see would drive me away?’

Jordon pulled her hand to his lips and kissed her delicate skin inhaling the scent of her perfume. “You might be surprised how often it does. You aren’t the first woman I thought might be right for me. You’re the only one who hasn’t disappeared when they learned my secret.”

“Well I’m not going anywhere I’m in love with the man who spent hours talking to me and chatting with me. If that man can see or not isn’t going to change how I feel.”

With Gloria’s words ringing in his ears Jordon dared to ask for more, “Gloria, I want to see you. Will you come around here so that I can touch your face?”

Jordon felt her rise and approach him, as she knelt down beside him the scent of her perfume, make-up and behind it all her own fragrance drifted around him tickling his sense of smell. Gloria reached down and took his hands, placing them on her face. Gently he ran them over her face, tracing from her brow to her chin and back. Then he smiled and said I think that you must be as beautiful to look at, as your spirit is.”

Slowly he cupped her face and drew her in for a kiss. As their lips met, Jordon experienced the electric feeling of desire. Love burst to life once more in his chest. Finally, he had found the one thing he had been missing: true love. , For the first time since his accident, he thanked God for his life and the blessings God had given him.

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Fantasy– Dragonbond and Heir

Fantasy– Dragonbond and Heir

The royal family was gathered in the birthing room. It was time for the current Protector of the Realm to bring her child and future replacement into the world. Which ever member of the King’s family the baby chose as dragonbond mate would become the future Monarch of the Realm. Each of the King’s children was in attendance most of them hoping they were the one chosen.

Each of them except the middle child, Princess Bethany, Bobo to her brothers and sisters. She was down in the kitchen getting a bowl of raw meat scraps. Why she wanted raw meat scraps she couldn’t say, but for the last twenty minutes it was all she could think about. Her mouth watered at the thought of consuming them even though her stomach rebelled at the idea.

Then just as she put the first bit up to her mouth she heard a cry in her head. “I am hungry! Please won’t you bring me some food?”

Eyes wide with shock Bobo answered out loud “Who are you and why can I hear you in my head?”

I am Comiter, and you hear me because I chose you as my dragonbond mate.”

“Comiter, where are you right now?” Bethany asked in shock, afraid she knew the answer.

“I am in a room with my mother and a lot of strange people.”

“Is one of them a man with a lot of hair on his face and a gold crown on his head?” As she asked the question a mental picture of her father flashed through her mind.

“Yes beloved the one you are thinking of is here. He is asking a lot of smaller ones if they hear a voice in their head. I am so hungry. When are you going to bring me my food?”

Running down the hall to the birthing room the Princess couldn’t believe this was happening to her. “I’m coming Comiter, and my name is Bethany but you can call me Beth if you wish.”

As Beth rounded the corner she could hear her father questioning her brothers and sisters. “Are you sure? It’d be a voice in your head that you’ve never heard before.”

Bethany entering the room went straight to Comiter, the future Protector of the Realm. “Here you go Comiter, If this isn’t enough for you just let me know and I will go back down to the kitchen and get you some more.”

All noise in the room had stopped as she had approached the newest member of the kingdom. Her father knelt down beside her, looking back and forth between her and the young dragon sitting amongst the remains of his egg. Then something clicked. “Bethany, why did you call this young dragon Comiter?”

“Because that’s his name, Daddy.”

“His name? Bethany this is a golden dragon, a Protector of the Realm, they’ve been female for as long as I can remember.”

There was a deep snorting sort of chuckle from Pyria the king’s dragonbond mate, Comiter’s mother. “Well that is probably true my King however there have been male gold’s in the past. The last was over one thousand years ago. Randolph, my dragonbond mate, I have a son and you have an heir.”

With that statement every eye in the room was drawn to Princess Bethany sitting on the floor with Comiter’s head on her lap. The young Dragon was daintily taking pieces of raw meat from her fingers and swallowing them whole. The whole time the sound of a thousand purring cats was coming from deep within his chest. The future Queen of the Realm was giggling like a school girl playing with a new puppy. Only this school girl’s puppy could breathe fire and in a few years would be the fiercest weapon in the kingdom.

The King, trying to not show how overwhelmed this whole situation was making him, smiled at his middle child and the chosen heir to his kingdom. “Well, Bethany my daughter your dragon has chosen. That means from this day on your time of carefree childhood pursuits are over. Now you’ll begin to learn how to rule this kingdom in the future. You’ll also have to train with your dragon. Together you’ll learn how to protect the realm in the future. This’ll be hard, but you’ll succeed.”

With a bit of the fear she felt showing in her eyes Bethany turned to her father the king. “I’ll try Father, but I’m afraid Comiter may have made a mistake in choosing me. Wouldn’t one of my older brothers be a better choice?”

The King, with a twinkle in his eye and love in his heart, took his little girl in his arms. “Bobo, never has a protector chosen the wrong royal in all of recorded history. Comiter chose you because he sensed something in you that makes you the perfect candidate for the Monarchy. I felt like you when Pyria chose me; but I have learned to trust her judgment. You must learn to trust your dragonbond mate. He’ll sense and see things that you don’t. Now let’s send the others away and teach your dragon to stand.”

The king dismissed the rest of his family and turned Bethany towards the young dragon on the floor. “Beth, in your mind tell your friend that it’s time to stand. At the same time picture a new colt standing on its feet for the first time.”

Comiter, you need to stand up now.” Bethany thought along with the mental movie of a newborn colt standing for the first time.

With a snort and a puff of smoke from his nose Comiter answered “Do not compare me to those walking food bags. I will stand for you, my beloved, and you will see I will not be wobbly like one of those things.” Then he gathered his legs under himself, pushed and rose to his feet. As quickly as he had risen the forelegs which were smaller collapsed. This sent his front end crashing to the floor.

Bethany giggled “I see you are right you don’t wobble like a horse you collapse like a sack of wheat.”

With a glare and a humph Comiter launched his front end up until like his mother he was standing pearched on his two rear legs his forelegs held against his chest. Then with a toss of his head he smirked in Bethany’s thoughts “Let’s see one of your horse things do this.”

As he spoke he extended his wings till they were fully outstretched and turned to look his dragonbond mate in the eye. Bethany’s breath caught in her throat at the beautiful site of the first male golden dragon in a thousand years. His coat shown like the purest red gold she’d ever seen. If someone hadn’t told her he was gold she would have sworn he looked bronze.

His wings had a lighter golden color, almost a translucent gold. His eyes were deep forest green with yellow starburst radiating from the pupil A couple hours old and he was already a fourth the size of his mother; Beth wondered just how big he’d be when he was full grown. She couldn’t look at Comiter without a fierce love and loyalty permeating her entire being.

Comiter feeling the love, loyalty and pride rolling off his dragonbond mate’s thoughts, stood straighter and prouder. “I feel the same way about you little one. Together we will keep the peace and prosperity of this kingdom just as our parents have.”

“Yes Comiter, we will, but we’ve much to learn and a ton of hard work training before that day comes.”

“Well, then if there is much hard work to come I should eat something more substantial than the bowl of bits you brought me. How about you send for one of those horse things? It looked like it would make a tasty meal.”

“Comiter! Horses aren’t for eating they’re for riding. How about I have the cook send up a whole calf for you eat? That should fill your stomach.” Bethany ran down to the kitchen to tell the cook what she needed.

Once Comiter had filled his belly he sank into a contented sleep like any newborn. Bethany watched him for a while, trying to sort through the events of the day. She was still marveling at everything that had transpired around her as she too slipped into a deep sleep.


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Happily Everafter

Grandpa Mac sat in his usual spot right on the porch of the Cottage by the lake. Dinner was over and Grandma was cleaning up the kitchen with the help of the women of the family, natural, in law, and children of the heart. The men of the family were getting the fire pit on the wide porch deck blazing. This evening would end just like every holiday and family gathering did.

The grandchildren began to gather at Grandpa’s feet, he pretended to just have noticed them. The traditions of the family must be kept, he knew, and this was one of his favorites. “Well now , what do all you young whippersnappers want? Can’t you see an ole man is trying to rest here?”

“Tell us a story Grandpa.” the youngest granddaughter said climbing up in his lap.

“Yeah” came from all the rest who knew the ritual well.

“Oh I don’t know if I have any stories to tell kiddo’s. If you want a story you should go in the house and watch a movie or something. You don’t want to hear some stories from this tired ole man.”

No Grandpa Mac we want one of your stories.” came the shout from the child of one of his “other” kids.

“Now Ava you know I can’t just be giving away my stories. That’s how I make money to keep your Grandma Mac in this beautiful Palacen here.” he  pointed at the rugged cabin.

“But Grandpa,” said the littlest reaching up to hold his face in her hands, “Grandma told us you used to give your stories away on the internet. You should be able to give us one. Please?”

With that all the rest of the kids took up the plea. Soon the word Please rang off the mountains around them.

“Go on Dad” came the voice of his eldest son, “they won’t stop till you do, and you know it.”

“Yeah Old Man,” his youngest echoed, “we wont have any peace till you do.”

Acting as if he was giving in against his better judgment, the patriarch of the family pulled his hat off his head and rubbed his bald dome as if trying to make up his mind. “Well what kind of story should I tell you tonight?”

The boys spoke up, “Tell us a Nugget Nate tale, Grandpa.”

Another yelled, “No ,I want to hear about the Preacher.”

“Tell us about the Champion,” shouted still another

He looked at his grand kids and started to laugh when his granddaughters began to get into the game as well.  “We want a romantic story Grandpa. Tell us about Princess Rahyia or Grace Hopewell or one of your female hero’s”

Grandpa Mac shushed them all and looked at his littlest princess sitting on his lap “What kind of story do you want to hear princess?”

With wide brown eyes and a gap-toothed grin she said “Tell us a story about you and grandma. Grandpa Mac.”

“Alright you convinced me. Have I ever told you little one how I met your grandma and tricked her into falling in love with me?”

“No,” and all the girls scooted just a little closer.

“No,” all the boys groaned and scooted a little bit further away.

“Don’t worry boys there is lots of trickery and even some fighting. After all this is a Mountaineer love story. “Then getting settled good in his recliner Grandpa propped up his feet, gazed into the fire, and started in the typical way all love stories should begin.—

“Once upon a time, in a land not to far away, there lived a young man. Let’s call him George just for fun.  He had just turned sixteen when his dad came to him and told him, ‘It’s time you start earning your own money son. I arranged with Mister Beasley from church for you to start working for him at McDonalds. Your first day is  tomorrow after school. He wants you there at three thirty don’t be late.’

That was the beginning for George, he was excited to finally have a job and be making some money of his own. Little did he know that his first day would change his life forever. If he had he might have run as far away as he could. Because we all know Mountain Men resist romantic entanglements when they can.

George went to work and was placed in the kitchen under the direction of a fellow crew member named Chuck. Now, Chuck was a huge bear of a fella. He was six no, seven no, it was eight feet tall if he was an inch. He had a bowl cut on top of his head and  looked like a blonde version of  Frankenstein’s monster, minus the bolts in his neck.”

A voice from the kitchen interrupted the story “You tell those children the truth Grandpa. He was only around six feet tall and you know it”

With a huff Grandpa fired right back, “Who’s a tellin’ this here story woman? These here kiddies wanted a Grandpa Mac story not some fact based account. If they’d a wanted the facts they’d a asked you.” Then turning back to the kids “Now where was we before the fact machine interrupted me?

Chuck, that’s right. This Chuck was just one eye short of being an ogre but George was not afraid. Chuck seemed like a nice enough ogre and everything was going swimmingly for the first couple of hours. Then everything changed when a true fairytale princess walked through the kitchen on her way to the French Fry station.

Now let me tell ya youngins this here really was a fairytale princess too. She had dark brown hair that wouldda put Snow White to shame. She was dainty as Cinderella and as curvy as princess Jasmine. George got one glimpse of her and his stoney mountain heart just melted into mush right there. He turned to Chuck, pointed at the princess and asked ‘WHO IS THAT??’

So smitten was our hero that he hardly noticed Chuck’s gruff response ‘Why?’

George’s dreamy response was, ‘Because I’m gonna marry her that’s why.’

BAMM!!  It felt like a sledge hammer had smacked into George’s chin and his butt hit the kitchen floor. Before he could clear his head enough to know what hit him, Chuck was a leaning over him and growling ‘That’s my fiancé so you better get those thoughts right out of your head.’

George was stunned that such a lovely creature had promised to marry this giant ogre of a beast. Slowly he got to his feet, holding his hands up to placate the monster. ‘No problem man. I didn’t know she belonged to you. I didn’t mean nothing by it.’

Now let me tell you that may be what George said, but inside he was a thinking
How in the world did that lovely creature end up promised to this monster. Nope, I can’t let that happen. Go ahead Chuck, claim her, but let’s just see who she ends up with. May the best man win. Which I will.’

Right then and there our hero formulated a plan to win the heart of the beautiful princess. He didn’t know how long it would take, but he knew he wouldn’t give up till she stood beside him in a church and said I do.

George worked and watched. He made friends with the bosses and his coworkers, including the princess who he learned was named Sheri. After about a month of working he was so good at his job he got promoted to Crew trainer.

Then he went to his manager friend and paid him to arrange the schedule so that George worked the exact same times  as Sheri. When she got a break he took his break and sat near her in the employee dining area. He began to talk to her when Chuck wasn’t around, and he made sure Chuck was never around.

They became friends, George and Sheri. When she worked on the fry station George would not let her carry the heavy boxes of fries. Instead he would carry them from the freezer to the kitchen for her. When she worked in the drive through he would carry up all her supplies from the downstairs stock room

He even got his coworkers to help him out. The girls he knew talked him up to her every chance they got. They told him what she liked and didn’t like about Chuck. When he learned that Chuck wouldn’t do things he started doing them if he could. Things like complementing her when she looked good. Or offering her a ride when he found out she walked to and from work.

George went so far as to even convince his buddy the manager to put them permanently on the schedule. so he could give her a ride to and from work. Because George was a crafty mountain man he never offered to go by her house and pick her up. He just happened to run across her on the way to work and offer her a ride. He went so far as to  show up when she was walking to work when he wasn’t working. He would be headed in that direction just as she was on her way to work.  For a year he played the friend , all the while waiting for his chance to make her his girl.

Then, as if God had smiled on George, a miracle happened. Chuck got into some trouble and his mom decided he needed to go live with some relatives out west for a while. Just before he left, Chuck, told Sheri that he didn’t want them to have a long distance relationship. So they broke off their engagement. Sheri was available at last.

George turned up the heat. Now he didn’t sit near her at break, he sat with her. He talked about her all the time. He told her how pretty she was and how special she was. He made sure that she saw him being kind and nice to everyone, but kinder and nicer to her. He set out to keep her thinking about him even when he wasn’t around. He paid some of his coworkers to make sure that the stock she needed got carried  when he wasn’t at work. He also made sure she knew he had asked them up to look after her.

Finally one night, one of his closest female friends was working with the princess in the drive thru. George’s friend kept turning the conversation to guys that they would date from school and work. His friend mentioned George favorably every chance she got.

Then towards the end of the night George’s friend came to the kitchen and told him, Sheri had admitted she thought he was handsome. She had said she would love to go on a date with him. George’s heart did a gig inside his chest’ He went to his buddy the manager and got him to give George the golden key- Sheri’s phone number.

The next day George called and started talking to her. They chatted about  school for a while and about work. Then George mentioned how there was the thing his youth group at church was doing, and invited her to go. Not as a real date of course but as friends. He explained how his heart had been crushed by a girl in his church and he wasn’t looking for a relationship right now. However he didn’t want to be the only one without a date either. He thought of his friend Sheri, who also went to church. Sheri agreed to go as his friend date.

They went to the event and spent the whole night together. All of George’s church friends kept telling him how perfect she was for him, and he just smiled. Then on the way home that night the car they were riding in was so crowded that Sheri had to sit on his lap. One of his buddies dared him to give her a kiss. Being a true mountaineer he couldn’t let the dare go unchallenged.  So he pulled her head down to his and their lips met.

Now in the history of all stories there has never been a kiss like that one. It started in one town and lasted thru two others. George didn’t even realize when they pulled up in front of Sheri’s house until the driver practically pulled them apart to tell them it was time for Sheri to go.

That my little ones is how George won the heart of the Princess Sheri. Six months later they stood in a church in front of their friends and family, and George heard Sheri say I do as she became his wife. To be very honest with you George didn’t even think of Chuck that day. The preacher said “You may kiss your bride” As their lips met our hero’s world became one person everything else just melted away. That as they say was that, our hero had won and the ogre vanished somewhere out west.”

Grandpa Mac looked away from the fire to find the whole family sitting around, listening to his tale. His princess and bride of Fifty years was sitting at his feet looking up into his face, “And then what happened?” She asked with a twinkle in her eye.

“Well what else could happen?” He responded sitting his granddaughter in her mothers lap and reaching down to his princess, “They lived happily ever after, of course.”

As their lips met in a kiss once more ,George’s focus narrowed and his whole world became one person just as it had every day for fifty years and he knew all was right in the world. Just as it should be.

The End

Copywrite 2012 George McVey


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How Nugget Nate Got His Name (A western tall tell)

The following short story may be a bit risque for some readers I am giving it a PG 13 rating for safety sake.


Davey looked at his brother with a sneaky smile “Out here on the cattle trail I bet we could get dad to tell us a tale about Granddad Nate. After all Mom and Aunt Maryann aren’t here to tell him they’re too racy or bloody”.

“You ask him, Davey, lets see if he’ll do it.” Nate appeared as excited as his brother at the prospect.

Davey shook his head, ”No you ask; you’re the one named after him. Tell him you want to know more about the man he named you after.”

Nathan, hiding his grin from overhearing the conversation of his two sons, tried to sound stern.” What are you two cowpokes plotting over there now?”

“Nutin’ Dad,” Davey from his brother to his dad, “Nate here was just wantin’ a campfire tale.”

“A campfire tale huh? What kind of campfire tale are  you two wanting? I know, I’ll tell you about how I met your Uncle Levi.”

Nate huffed “Daaad! You done told us that tale a hundred times. I want a story about famous people. Like Davey Crockett or Daniel Boone or Grandpa Nate.”

“Okay, I guess I can tell you a tale about one of those famous people. Now which one should I tell ya? I’ll tell about how Davey Crockett gave your great grandfather his nick name.”

Both boy’s eyes got big and they scooted closer to the fire to hear better.

Levi Cody glanced over at his boss and best friend “Nathan I didn’t know Nugget Nate knew Davey Crockett. This isn’t one of them tall tales that your inclined to tell the boys sometimes is it?”

Nathan winked at his partner “If it is Levi, then Ole Nate lied to me because he told it to me hisself.”

“Let me see it went something like this:

When David Nathan Ryder was one day from his tenth birthday his father gave him a new hatchet as a birthday gift. Davey, as he was called then, decided he would take his new hatchet and his Kentucky long rifle and go do some huntin’ in the Appylachuns. So he kissed his mom good bye and told is Da he was gonna go prove he was a man by killing hisself a bear.

Off into the hills young Davey went and he walked for miles climbing up hill and down. All the time he was looking for some bear sign. He saw plenty o’ deer and squirrel and even a quick jack rabbit or two but no bear. He was starting to get a bit tired and decided he would set up a rabbit trap for one of those jack rabbits and make camp for the night. He set his trap and started searching for a suitable camp site.

He heard the snap of the trap and smelt smoke at about the same time. Now, being a true son of a mountaineer, Davey knew that his trap had caught something and that someone was already making camp, maybe he could offer to share his catch and share their fire for the night.

Checking his trap Davey saw that he had indeed caught a rabbit in the trap but what amazed him was the second one sitting not three feet from the trap as if trying to figure out what had happened to its mate. Slowly so at to not startle the critter Davey reached down to his belt and pulled his hatchet out and holding it like an injun tomahawk he did just as he Da had taught him the injuns did and he tossed it right at that rabbit. With a solid, thunk. it struck the rabbit and knocked it dead.

Davey quickly gutted both rabbits and tossed their entrails into the woods. As every good mountaineer has been taught he thanked the two animals for their sacrifice to his meal. He knelt and bowed his head and thank the Good Lord for his provision and blessing on the kills made. Davey took a bit of rawhide and tied the rabbit’s hind legs together and slung them over his shoulder as he headed towards that campfire he had smelt earlier.

About ten feet out he stopped and in true mountain manners hollered the camp. “Howdy the fire! I’m armed with a rifle and come bearing rabbits might I share your camp?”

“Come and be welcome partner” came the answer from a deep rich voice.

Well boys your grandfather approached the camp and saw a mountain man in buckskin with a coon skin cap stirring in a pot with a wooden spoon.  The man had a Kentucky long rifle that looked well used beside him and he looked your grandfather square in the eye. “Howdy there young feller. Come pull up some log. Thems a cuppla good looking critters you got there on yer shoulder. Skin em up and spit em over the fire iffn ya want. I was just making a bit of beans and bacon myself. I didn’t have much luck today.

“Thanks mister I don’t mind sharing a rabbit with ya seeing as how you is allowin me to share youze camp.”

“Well now that’s right neighborly of ya young feller, they call me Davey Crockett what do they call you?”

Young Davey’s jaw dropped.This mountaineer sitting in front of him was the one and only King of the frontier. A man every mountain man knew of and told campfire tales of. “My name is Davey Ryder, Mister Crockett sir. I have to say it’s a right honor to metcha Sir.”

Oh Davey boy don’t be like that unless you want me calling you Mister Ryder. We’re just two mountaineers sharing a fire ain’t no Mister nothing out here but I will admit it’s gonna be a might strange calling each other Davey. Since I’ve had the name a mite longer than you let’s think of something else to call ya son. What’s your Christian name?”

Young Davey smiled and puffed up as he announced his full name “David Nathaniel Ryder, Mister … I mean Davey.”

Crockett smiled real big, “Well that’s a right big name young Davey. I rekcon, I could call ya Nathaniel but that’s still a jaw full. How about, I just call ya Nate for now.”

Well boys as you can imagine your grandpa was thrilled to be given a nick name by Davey Crockett himself and readily agree. They cooked up those rabbits and had a great dinner of rabbit and beans. Davey told Nate stories about his adventures and even told him a few funny stories from his year in congress. He told him how after his loss he decided to get back to the Mountains he loved.

In return Nate told him that his birthday was the next day and that he had vowed to kill him a bear proving he was a man. Davey looked him up and down and declared. Why Nate I think you just might do it. Which lead to the tale that Davey loved to tell, of how he kilt him a bear when he was only three.

In return Nate told the tale of killing the rabbit with his new hatchet earlier. Davey asked to see the hatchet and told Nate it was balanced just like a tomahawk. He told Nate some of the tales of his time spent living with the Indians as a teen. He showed Nate how to best throw the hatchet as a weapon and had Nate practice till he declared him as good as any brave he’d ever seen.

As they settled in for the night Davey informed Nate that he had seen some bear signs just the day before and as a birthday present would show him where in the morning. Nate thanked the legend and they slowly drifted off to sleep listening to the sounds of the Appylachun’s  night life around them.

The next day after a quick breakfast of left over rabbit and beans Davey and Nate broke camp. Davey, true to his word, took Nate back into the woods and showed him the bear signs he’d seen the day before. They noticed the claw marks that indicated a full grown bear was marking the area. Davey took the time to show Nate some of the tricks of moving through the forest that he had learned from his time with the Indians. He also taught Nate some of the tricks for finding grub and forage that the Indians had shared with him.


copyright(C)2012 victoria marie pecsenye

While they were pickin’ some blueberries from some bushes they had found there was a growl and rustle in the thicket. A huge brown bear charged out of the underbrush headed straight for Davey. Not having time to load his rifle Davey did the only thing he could and turned and ran.

He might have put enough distance between him and the bear if he hadn’t tripped over a tree root. Davey did what came natural with him and rolled over to face that bear. He spun his rifle around and used it like a club. The stock connected with that bear’s face and the ole brown bore rose up on its hind paws and roared. Davey kept swinging that rifle back and forth and that bear let out another roar and swiped it clean out of his hands.

Nate saw the whole thing and when that bear swiped the rifle from Davey’s hands he said a quick prayer. “God don’t let me miss.” He grabbed his hatchet just as Davey had taught him and hurled it at the bear. The hatchet flew end over end straight and true towards the bear. There was a thunk and the hatchet was stuck into the tree right between that boars legs.  The bear roared in pain and seemed to forget all about Davey. The bear clawed between his legs where the hatchet was stuck.

Nate didn’t pause a second but dropped to his knee and pulled his powder horn free and loaded his rifle with powder, patch, and ball; tapped it all down tight. He dropped the tamping rod and cocked the trigger, filled the pan with powder and put a firing cap on the hammer. Nate took aim and blew out all his breath and squeezed the trigger. BANG!!! The rifle fired and the ball flew straight and true. It struck that ole bear boar right between the eyes.

Just like that giant Goliath, when David’s stone hit him that bear toppled forward. Davey just barely rolled out of its way. He came to his feet with his knife in his hand. All for nothing that ole bear was dead. Davey noticed something strange though. The bears front end lay flat on the ground blood pooling under its head, but its hind paws seemed to be stuck to the tree about three feet up.

Davey walked over to the tree, turned to Nate who was still in a shooters crouch. “Well done Nate you done kilt yerself a bear. I tell ya I ain’t never seen nothing like this though you done tomahawked his nuggets right to that thar tree. I’m sayin’ you done all but castrated that there boar. Iffn’ that don’t earn you a proper mountain man reputation and name I don’t know what will.”

Davey pulled the hatchet out of the bear and tree and walked over to Nate. He wiped the blood off the head onto his finger and thumb. He drew a circle around Nate’s shooter eye, made a mark between his eyes where his shot had hit the bear and a line on each cheek and chin in Indian war paint still. He said “You done proved yerself a mountaineer today and let everyone call ya Nugget Nate from this day forward. “

He handed the new named Nugget Nate his hatchet and clasped him on the shoulder, together the two mountaineers cleaned, skinned and dressed that bear.  They packed it all in their packs and Davey Crockett escorted Nugget Nate home to his parents.

They arrived at the Ryder homestead around dark and Nugget Nate introduced his parents to the legendary mountain man Davey Crockett, who praised the two on raising such a fine mountain man. Davey sat down with Nugget Nate’s Da Liam and told him the tale of how “Nugget Nate” had saved his life that day and gelded and kilt a bear. As they polished off a bottle of Kentucky whiskey Davey stood and said to Liam, “When you’re a ready to send yer son off to ‘prentice let me know. I’ll take him on and teach him how to be a scout and trap,” He turned to Nugget Nate and shook his hand. “Look me up anytime Nugget, I’d be right proud to ride the river with ya any day.” With a goodbye to Mrs. Ryder, Davey Crocket snugged down his ole coonskin cap, picked up his pack and rifle and disappeared into the night.

That my boys is how your grandpa Nugget Nate got his name.”

Nathan took and tossed a couple of logs on the fire. “Now get yourselfs in them bedrolls. We got a long push ahead of us tomorrow and I expect you two to pull your weight. Mister Chisholm don’t like his beeves to be late.”

“Yessir,” the two young cowpokes replied and started for their bedrolls.  Young Nate stopped and turned back to his Dad. “Dad is that really how Ole Nugget Nate got his name or was you telling us a tall tale?”

Nathan walked up to his son and tossled his hair. “Well boy that’s what your great grandpa told me and I was never man enough to call Nugget Nate a liar. However if your mama ever asks ya, he got his name from the gold strike he found his first year in the High Lonesome.” He winked and headed for his own bedroll.

Just as the boys were drifting off to sleep, Davey could have swore he heard his Da chuckling under his breath.

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Flash Fiction: The Christian Experiment

Kris leaned back so that he could hear the waitress better as she chatted with the people behind him.  “I am just so tired, you know? With Mother in the hospital losing blood and the doctors not being able to find where it’s coming from, I’m at my wit’s end. On top of that I have to show up for work, all the while feeling guilty that I am not there for her. When I get off I go sit with her and all she can say is ‘I want to go home’. To be honest I think we’d both get more rest if she was home. I don’t know what to do anymore.”

The words of Pastor George’s last sermon came back to Kris then: “Why not give it a try, experiment with your Christianity. See what it can do in the real world? The worst that would happen is nothing would change. The best that could happen is the lost would get found and Christians would feel empowered to try even greater experiments with their Christian faith. Come on People of the Cross! Let’s begin the Christian Experiment!”

Part of him wanted to do just that, but another part of Kris thought “Not now, not here not during lunch with the boss! But what if it worked? What if he prayed for that lady’s mother and she got healed? Not just one but two lives might get touched for Christ.”

 But if she didn’t, he would look like a religious nut in front of his boss. His boss knew he was a Christian; that was the reason they had lunch together once a week. His boss was curious about his faith and wanted to talk about Christianity and try to understand it. Pastor George’s again sounded in his mind: “Faith without works is dead.”  Time to start the experiment Kris decided.

Seeing the waitress headed their way Kris swallowed the lump in his throat and turned to his boss. “Mister Reynolds, for the last few weeks we’ve had lunch and you’ve asked me a ton of questions about my faith. Today I am going to show you what I have been talking about.”

“What do you mean?”

As the waitress approached the table Kris looked straight into his boss eyes “Just watch.”

“Hi fellas, my name is Susan and I’ll be your waitress today. Can I get you a drink or are you ready to order?’

“Actually Susan, I couldn’t help but overhear what you said about your mother. Do you mind if I pray for her before we order?”

With tears in her eyes Susan nodded, “Please do.”

Kris, taking her hand, bowed his head and called out to God. “Father I know you heard Susan’s heart cry the same as me. I ask now in the name of your Son Jesus and in the Authority he gave to his believers that you reach down and heal Susan’s mom right now. Let the bleeding stop and the doctors release her today. Let her come home like she and Susan both want. Oh, and God, give Susan peace till then. Amen.”

Kris reached in his pocket and took out one of his business cards jotting his cell number on the back. He gave it to Susan with a smile, “When the doctor releases your mom today I want you to call and let me know. Okay? I think I will have the special with a coke.”

Staring at him with shock, Mister Reynolds ordered the same thing. Susan thanked him as she went off to place their order. Kris explained about the challenge his pastor had given to try the Christian Experiment this week. That led to more questions from the boss and the lunch hour flew. They got their checks and headed to the cashier.

As Kris and Mister Reynolds got in their car to leave Susan came flying out of the restaurant yelling for Kris to wait “This God of yours, I want to know him! The hospital just called and said they are releasing my mother, her bleeding stopped about an hour ago. They’re letting her come home.”

Mister Reynolds added, “I’m ready too, Kris. This experiment of yours is very convincing.”

Right there in the parking lot the Christian Experiment bore the result of two new believers.

“This is what it’s all about,” Kris thought, “I wonder what’s next?”

The answer came just as quickly, “Look for the next opportunity to continue the experiment.”

“Okay God Show me.”

*Copy Written March 2012 by Pastor George McVey.

I got honorable mention on this flash fiction piece in a writers contest back in March. Let me know what you think of it.


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Hello world!

this is the blog for my short stories. I will try and post at least one story a week here. They will all be flash fiction or short stories less than 4000 words. So come back here and check out my shorts 🙂

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