Fantasy– Dragonbond and Heir

21 May
Fantasy– Dragonbond and Heir

The royal family was gathered in the birthing room. It was time for the current Protector of the Realm to bring her child and future replacement into the world. Which ever member of the King’s family the baby chose as dragonbond mate would become the future Monarch of the Realm. Each of the King’s children was in attendance most of them hoping they were the one chosen.

Each of them except the middle child, Princess Bethany, Bobo to her brothers and sisters. She was down in the kitchen getting a bowl of raw meat scraps. Why she wanted raw meat scraps she couldn’t say, but for the last twenty minutes it was all she could think about. Her mouth watered at the thought of consuming them even though her stomach rebelled at the idea.

Then just as she put the first bit up to her mouth she heard a cry in her head. “I am hungry! Please won’t you bring me some food?”

Eyes wide with shock Bobo answered out loud “Who are you and why can I hear you in my head?”

I am Comiter, and you hear me because I chose you as my dragonbond mate.”

“Comiter, where are you right now?” Bethany asked in shock, afraid she knew the answer.

“I am in a room with my mother and a lot of strange people.”

“Is one of them a man with a lot of hair on his face and a gold crown on his head?” As she asked the question a mental picture of her father flashed through her mind.

“Yes beloved the one you are thinking of is here. He is asking a lot of smaller ones if they hear a voice in their head. I am so hungry. When are you going to bring me my food?”

Running down the hall to the birthing room the Princess couldn’t believe this was happening to her. “I’m coming Comiter, and my name is Bethany but you can call me Beth if you wish.”

As Beth rounded the corner she could hear her father questioning her brothers and sisters. “Are you sure? It’d be a voice in your head that you’ve never heard before.”

Bethany entering the room went straight to Comiter, the future Protector of the Realm. “Here you go Comiter, If this isn’t enough for you just let me know and I will go back down to the kitchen and get you some more.”

All noise in the room had stopped as she had approached the newest member of the kingdom. Her father knelt down beside her, looking back and forth between her and the young dragon sitting amongst the remains of his egg. Then something clicked. “Bethany, why did you call this young dragon Comiter?”

“Because that’s his name, Daddy.”

“His name? Bethany this is a golden dragon, a Protector of the Realm, they’ve been female for as long as I can remember.”

There was a deep snorting sort of chuckle from Pyria the king’s dragonbond mate, Comiter’s mother. “Well that is probably true my King however there have been male gold’s in the past. The last was over one thousand years ago. Randolph, my dragonbond mate, I have a son and you have an heir.”

With that statement every eye in the room was drawn to Princess Bethany sitting on the floor with Comiter’s head on her lap. The young Dragon was daintily taking pieces of raw meat from her fingers and swallowing them whole. The whole time the sound of a thousand purring cats was coming from deep within his chest. The future Queen of the Realm was giggling like a school girl playing with a new puppy. Only this school girl’s puppy could breathe fire and in a few years would be the fiercest weapon in the kingdom.

The King, trying to not show how overwhelmed this whole situation was making him, smiled at his middle child and the chosen heir to his kingdom. “Well, Bethany my daughter your dragon has chosen. That means from this day on your time of carefree childhood pursuits are over. Now you’ll begin to learn how to rule this kingdom in the future. You’ll also have to train with your dragon. Together you’ll learn how to protect the realm in the future. This’ll be hard, but you’ll succeed.”

With a bit of the fear she felt showing in her eyes Bethany turned to her father the king. “I’ll try Father, but I’m afraid Comiter may have made a mistake in choosing me. Wouldn’t one of my older brothers be a better choice?”

The King, with a twinkle in his eye and love in his heart, took his little girl in his arms. “Bobo, never has a protector chosen the wrong royal in all of recorded history. Comiter chose you because he sensed something in you that makes you the perfect candidate for the Monarchy. I felt like you when Pyria chose me; but I have learned to trust her judgment. You must learn to trust your dragonbond mate. He’ll sense and see things that you don’t. Now let’s send the others away and teach your dragon to stand.”

The king dismissed the rest of his family and turned Bethany towards the young dragon on the floor. “Beth, in your mind tell your friend that it’s time to stand. At the same time picture a new colt standing on its feet for the first time.”

Comiter, you need to stand up now.” Bethany thought along with the mental movie of a newborn colt standing for the first time.

With a snort and a puff of smoke from his nose Comiter answered “Do not compare me to those walking food bags. I will stand for you, my beloved, and you will see I will not be wobbly like one of those things.” Then he gathered his legs under himself, pushed and rose to his feet. As quickly as he had risen the forelegs which were smaller collapsed. This sent his front end crashing to the floor.

Bethany giggled “I see you are right you don’t wobble like a horse you collapse like a sack of wheat.”

With a glare and a humph Comiter launched his front end up until like his mother he was standing pearched on his two rear legs his forelegs held against his chest. Then with a toss of his head he smirked in Bethany’s thoughts “Let’s see one of your horse things do this.”

As he spoke he extended his wings till they were fully outstretched and turned to look his dragonbond mate in the eye. Bethany’s breath caught in her throat at the beautiful site of the first male golden dragon in a thousand years. His coat shown like the purest red gold she’d ever seen. If someone hadn’t told her he was gold she would have sworn he looked bronze.

His wings had a lighter golden color, almost a translucent gold. His eyes were deep forest green with yellow starburst radiating from the pupil A couple hours old and he was already a fourth the size of his mother; Beth wondered just how big he’d be when he was full grown. She couldn’t look at Comiter without a fierce love and loyalty permeating her entire being.

Comiter feeling the love, loyalty and pride rolling off his dragonbond mate’s thoughts, stood straighter and prouder. “I feel the same way about you little one. Together we will keep the peace and prosperity of this kingdom just as our parents have.”

“Yes Comiter, we will, but we’ve much to learn and a ton of hard work training before that day comes.”

“Well, then if there is much hard work to come I should eat something more substantial than the bowl of bits you brought me. How about you send for one of those horse things? It looked like it would make a tasty meal.”

“Comiter! Horses aren’t for eating they’re for riding. How about I have the cook send up a whole calf for you eat? That should fill your stomach.” Bethany ran down to the kitchen to tell the cook what she needed.

Once Comiter had filled his belly he sank into a contented sleep like any newborn. Bethany watched him for a while, trying to sort through the events of the day. She was still marveling at everything that had transpired around her as she too slipped into a deep sleep.


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5 responses to “Fantasy– Dragonbond and Heir

  1. elkjerkyforthesoul

    May 21, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Anne McCafferty has nothing on you! Very nice. Is this the beginning of a longer story?

    • pastorgeorgemcvey

      May 21, 2012 at 5:26 pm

      I believe that it may be a sequence of small short stories that will weave together to make either a YA novel or novela

  2. Traci B

    May 22, 2012 at 11:25 am

    Excellent story, George – it’s great to get the back story on Beth and her dragon. I figured she’d be the first one to leave a comment. 😉

    • Bethany Jean (@BethanyJean3)

      May 24, 2012 at 1:53 am

      Definitely answering on it! I was talking to George when I read it. So I let him know what I thought there. I think I’ll love whatever he does with this story! 🙂 All except the giggling, that is. 😉


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