Death at the Fireworks Display

17 Jan


This is a short story that I wrote it features the hero from my current Novel Work in Progress “A Terrorist’s Tale”. See one of the untold stories of Patrick Jefferson Campbell and his Strategic Quick Infiltration and Dispersment Team. Let me know what you think.

Patrick Jefferson Campbell knew the moment the fireworks went off, everything had gone south. The four-man, Strategic Quick Undercover Infiltration and Dispersement team, had everything under control, right up till the first rocket went off and lit up the execution zone. Now the other three  compromised and the subject knew he had been targeted for termination.

This was like a bad dream gone even worse. They couldn’t withdraw into the vapor of the night and plan to execute on another day, because the subject was now aware of their assignment. To fail now meant the assignment would be given to another team, whose first order would be to eliminate their Squid team.  So that left Patrick with the only solution. Use the noise and distraction of the fireworks to complete the job. He hoped the other three would be able to make his long distance shot look like something other than a government sanctioned hit.

Johnson’s voice came over his earpiece, “Eagle, do you have the solution?”

Patrick noted the hint of panic in his old friends’ timbre and he sighted through his night vision scope.

“Subject is on the move no clear solution at this time.”

Johnson came back on. “Eagle, keep us informed when you have solution, the weapon is free, I repeat weapon is free.”

He added, “Don’t let him get away old friend.”

“Roger Leader, weapon is free. Subject is heading down Main Street, towards civilian blockade. I am maneuvering to secondary target location.”

With those words Patrick snapped the tripod closed on his weapon, and sprinted across the rooftops towards the waterfront. If he could just get in front of the target’s vehicle there was a chance he could save this whole thing.

He arrived at the waterfront rooftop where he had a clear line of sight into the target vehicle, when something caught his attention. There, not one yard from his perch was one of the rockets for the finale of the Independence Day firework display. This sparked an ingenious plan. He keyed his throat mike.

“Eagle to all team members, rendezvous at waterfront area baker, lose all gear. Keep target under surveillance until Dispersement plan Foxfire has been completed.”

Several mikes were triple keyed, meaning that the team had questions. Johnson’s voice quickly followed, “Eagle, what are you up to?”

“Just keep him in his vehicle and all will be well.”

With a few deft moves of equipment and a couple of sightings with his scope for accuracy; Patrick’s plan was set in motion. He packed up his gear and succinctly eradicated any evidence of his existence. Then he vacated the rooftop to join his team.

He arrived just as the grand finale of the fireworks display started.

Johnson, Rodriguez and Saunders looked surprised to see him.

“Patrick, what are you doing? The mission isn’t complete.”

“Our mandate was to make these dispersements look like natural causes or accidents correct?

“Affirmative but…”tfireworks 2

Then there was a huge explosion of light and sound; the target was gone. Without a word the team slipped away into the night.

* * *


AP: Last night at the local Independence Day fireworks display a freak accident resulted in one fatality when a rocket misfired through Amhed Osama’s windshield before exploding. Witnesses say the man never knew what happened.

The mayor says, a full investigation will be conducted to see what caused the rocket to launch in the wrong direction. However citizens need not worry; our fireworks displays are perfectly safe.

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