Prayer Walking

15 Nov



If you are reading this book, then it would be safe to surmise that you are either interested in or are beginning to prayer walk for your community.  For me, it has done much to further my relationship with God; and it has become a cornerstone to any spiritual warfare for a community that I am involved in.

In this book, I will explain the types of prayer walking that I have experience with and share the guidelines and Scriptural foundation for each of them.  I will also share my personal experiences in this method of prayer and spiritual warfare.  I hope that, as you read this book, you will be encouraged to make prayer walking a part of your personal time with God and be strengthened in your own prayer walking journey.

I want to encourage you that as you begin to prayer walk to journal your experience and the results of each experience you have.  If you wish, I would love to hear about your experiences.  You can contact me through my website or email, both of which are found in the back of this book.

This book will talk about the history and the types of personal and corporate prayer walks.  It will show you the spiritual concepts behind prayer walking and give you some guidelines in getting started.

Finally, I want to say that this book is not the rules of prayer walking nor do I necessarily believe that what I am sharing is the only way to prayer walk.  I hope it will be a springboard for getting more of God’s people walking and praying.  Should you decide to prayer walk, be open in walking and praying to the leading of God and the Holy Spirit.

Just because something isn’t listed here or anywhere else as a way of prayer walking, it doesn’t make it wrong.  While on your prayer walking journey, listen to God and follow what He lays on your heart to do and how to do it.  This will give you an effective prayer walking life.  In the next little bit, I want to share my own personal story with prayer walking and some of the documented data of prayer walks that I have been able to find in both the history of the world and the church.

I was introduced to prayer walking a little over fifteen years ago through a pastor I was working with.  I was a youth minister in a small inner-city church plant and out of the blue one day my senior pastor said, “Hey, I would like for you to go on a prayer walk with me.”  I asked what that was and he told me that every day he walked a part of the city and prayed over it.

I had never even heard of such a thing before but was intrigued and so went along and was sold on it.  We started to walk together almost every weekday.  At times he would be sick and I would walk alone.  Other times I would be ill or involved with the ministry out of town (youth ministry, remember).  I became consumed by the idea and over the next four years began to try to find out more about this interesting concept.

I started by asking my senior pastor friend about how he came up with the idea.  He told me that it was mentioned in a conference he had attended.  He couldn’t remember who the speaker was that mentioned it and he had taken no classes on it.   However, he had met another pastor at the conference that thought it would be easy to do and they had started walking together there at the conference.  When he returned to his church where he was the youth pastor, he started walking a part of the city and asking God to work in the city.

For me that was how prayer walking started.  To be honest, he and I did more relationship building with each other than praying; but every couple of blocks, one of us would add a quick prayer for God to work in our city.  How I do prayer walks these days and what I know about prayer walking has certainly grown since that simple beginning.

I am a person who wants to know as much about a subject as I can, so I began to look for any references to prayer walking that I could find.  I also continued to walk; and as I learned, I implemented what I was learning into my walks.  Soon my calling led me away from that inner-city ministry and into north central Florida.  Prayer walking was a part of my ministry everywhere I went from those first simple walks on.  I even began to learn from things that were happening in my prayer walks.

Soon I was asked to start a small church and prayer walking became the foundation that I started that church on.  I walked every day that we were in that ministry for four years.  I will admit that by the end of those four years my prayer walks did not even resemble what they had started with.  I did not simply walk and ask God to work in my community.  I learned how to conduct a walk focused and targeted on spiritual warfare for the community God had placed me in.

At the end of four years, I became the revival pastor of another church; and prayer walking as a part of a concerted spiritual warfare campaign to bring revival was the key to what I did.  Now after fifteen years, God has led me into a ministry that is all about prayer walking.  I still hold awakening services but only if I am allowed time of prayer walking the community as part of that awakening.  I will not speak in a forum that I don’t at least get an hour or two to walk and war over the venue before a word is preached.

I teach prayer walking now speaking not from just book knowledge but personal sweat equity and spiritual groaning and travail.  I couple that teaching with hands-on learning by taking groups on prayer walks and conducting debriefing sessions afterwards.

From here on out, I will be sharing what I have learned and experienced in the realm of prayer walking over the years.  Let us start with some of the history of prayer walking my research allowed me to find.

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