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That bit of fluf: She isnt what they think






I don’t understand why they did it. I thought I was what they wanted. I am called man’s best friend. I’m loyal and faithful but that meant nothing to them. Today they came home so proud of themselves. They called me into the room and showed me what they had brought home.

“Isn’t she cute, Buster?” My lady held a little ball of fluff that smelled suspiciously like a CAT. The demonic thing looked at me with that sparkle in its eyes all dogs are taught to recognize. Oh, no, what had they done? They had brought evil in and called it cute. I had to let them know so I growled deep in my chest, the best warning I knew.

My man grabbed a magazine, rolled it, and whacked me on the nose as if I were a naughty pup again. “No, Buster, you need to be nice to Miss Kitty.”

Oh, no, she has already started to brainwash them.

They sat her on the floor and that devious demonic agent of the darkness began to put on her innocent act. She ran up, intertwined herself between my front paws, and made that sound the Two Legs find so pleasant, called a purr. If they only knew, it really was the sound of doom heading our way.

That night at dinner, I was given my dog chow while the demon was fed tidbits of lobster from my lady’s plate. I looked and saw it giving me that sly grin but it never spoke a word. With each bite of lobster, it purred louder and louder. What the humans couldn’t see with their limited vision were the runes that glowed down the creature’s spine. For the first time since I was a pup, I felt fear. How was I supposed to do my job and protect them when they didn’t want protection?

I tried once more to protect them and lunged at the agent of darkness. If my mouth had only reached it then I could have snapped its neck and the danger to my people would have passed. Instead, my master grabbed me and took me out to the gazebo. I was banished for the night.

I watched from my prison as the furry bit of fluff wove its spell all around my territory. My people were completely enthralled. Soon they would be another set of collectables on the creature’s trophy wall. I decided to let the creature know I knew what it was doing. I moved to stand right under the hypethral and began to howl and bay my warning to anyone who would listen.

Soon after my people had gone to sleep, I saw its shadow heading my way. I had never been as afraid as I was when that little bit of fluff came my way. “Well, they don’t seem to want your protection, flea bag. We will have them all collected before long and then you and your kind will have nothing left to do.”

“Feline demon, you will never win. If I fall then HE will send another. We, like you, may take the form of animals, but you know whose messengers we really are.”

I transformed just as the demon attacked. Our battle was long and fierce but in the end HIS power helped me win the day. The bit of fluff fell into the abyss defeated again. They would be sad but think it ran away. Another disaster averted and man’s oldest enemy defeated once more, all without them being any wiser.


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