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Interview with Rhonda Marie Stalb

beautifully broken ebook

Today I’m sharing and interview and book trailer from a brand new, still shiny, Christian Indie Author, Rhonda Marie Stalb. Rhonda is a member of the Christian Indie Authors and Readers Facebook group and just published her first book. The Book is called Beautifully Broken and is her memoir. The back cover describes her book like this: “Beautifully Broken is a memoir that tells Rhonda Marie Stalb’s journey to happiness.
It is a wild ride to adversity, bad choices, and healing. It is the story of how God takes what was meant for evil and turns it into something beautiful. In Rhonda’s book, we will see how God is very aware of our hurts and He wants to heal us. Furthermore, we see how God is with us every step of the way through the pain, trials, and losses. In this poignant story, we will also see that God doesn’t waste our pain. He leads us to people who can be his hands and feet as he takes what is broken and makes it into a beautiful work of art. It is only by being Beautifully Broken that Rhonda has learned to minister to those who have the same hurts, fears and dreams as herself. Her goal is to help women and men who are where she was to find their way to being Beautifully Broken.”
Here is my interview with her:

And here’s her book trailer.

So if that seems like a book that would interest you grab your copy at
Talk with you next week -PG

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The Identical Review and Movie Giveaway contest.

I was given the opportunity to view this movie so that I could review it before the DVD release today. I will say that I LOVED IT. The trailer above is I think the best description of the movie. The official description from the DVD follows:The Identical is a redemptive Movie about a young man, the son of a preacher, who rejects his father’s desire for him to join the ministry and instead embarks upon a career as a rock singer. As he struggles to pursue his dream and rise to stardom, he finds love, pain, success, failure and ultimately uncovers a hidden family secret that reveals who he really is.

In reality, this movie is so much more. It’s a great family film that you can watch with your whole family. No strong language or any nudity at all. Yes, it is centered around the birth of rock and roll so there is some smoking and drinking. But theHerorefuses drink after drink and never smokes. I found it as a pastor a refreshing change of pace to the movies of old where they didn’t have to be vulgar to sell movies.

At its heart this is a movie about finding ones calling in life and the struggle to do so. Beyond that it is a movie about the weight of secrets and how they can affect a family. Ray Liota and Ashley Judd are wonderful as the pastor and his wife who love their son all the while trying to keep the secret of his birth. I was surprised by the star who of course plays two roles as Ryan Wade and music superstar Drexel Hemsley. Blake Ryane is a successful Elvis Impersonator and while everyone says the Drexel character isn’t based on Elvis the resemblance of the early Drexel is certainly uncanny. Besides a great look at family and discovering ones purpose in life, it is also a great look at the birth and heyday of early rock and roll.

The film releases on DVD and Blue Ray on January 13th, and it is a great buy that is a fun film for a family movie night and the sound track has twenty-two original songs on it that will have your feet taping and your whole family boogie woogieing the hours away. However, the people at City of Peace films has given me an extra copy to give away. So everyone who comments on this blog post below will be entered in a drawling to win a copy of their very own. Contest ends Friday January 16th, and the winner will be announced on the 19th. So enter bellow and good luck. Nevertheless, win or lose, you’ll be a winner if you grab a copy of this video and the soundtrack for your family.

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Youngest Indie Author Story.

Hey there, I’m starting the year off by sharing a flash fiction piece that was written by a young man that has impressed me over the last year. He is to the best of my knowledge the youngest Christian Indie Author I know.  David Strong has done the NanoWriMo challenge for young people two years in a row now. His first Novel is almost ready for publication. He entered a short story contest that I entered a few weeks ago. I won, he didn’t but I thought I would share with you his entry. He is seven years old so his determination to become a published writer for kids his age is encouraging and unusual. This is his short story about a furry fuzzy animal. Let’s encourage him to keep writing and learning.


“Squeaky Stuff”

By David Strong (7)

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Philip Whatshisface. Now, in his family, every summer, they go to Peru for five days and four nights; on the fifth night they go home. And one time in Peru, he was searching for an animal cute and cuddly to take home and take care of. And he found one; a lost-from-the-pack guinea pig! He picked it up and found its pack, and he gave the pack a hay bundle. Then, they all loved Philip, but not as much as the rescued one. Philip bought two cages and a lot of guinea pig food brands and a lot of hay, and they “squeaked” happily ever after.

The End


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