Interview with Rhonda Marie Stalb

26 Jan

beautifully broken ebook

Today I’m sharing and interview and book trailer from a brand new, still shiny, Christian Indie Author, Rhonda Marie Stalb. Rhonda is a member of the Christian Indie Authors and Readers Facebook group and just published her first book. The Book is called Beautifully Broken and is her memoir. The back cover describes her book like this: “Beautifully Broken is a memoir that tells Rhonda Marie Stalb’s journey to happiness.
It is a wild ride to adversity, bad choices, and healing. It is the story of how God takes what was meant for evil and turns it into something beautiful. In Rhonda’s book, we will see how God is very aware of our hurts and He wants to heal us. Furthermore, we see how God is with us every step of the way through the pain, trials, and losses. In this poignant story, we will also see that God doesn’t waste our pain. He leads us to people who can be his hands and feet as he takes what is broken and makes it into a beautiful work of art. It is only by being Beautifully Broken that Rhonda has learned to minister to those who have the same hurts, fears and dreams as herself. Her goal is to help women and men who are where she was to find their way to being Beautifully Broken.”
Here is my interview with her:

And here’s her book trailer.

So if that seems like a book that would interest you grab your copy at
Talk with you next week -PG

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One response to “Interview with Rhonda Marie Stalb

  1. Vicki & Jon

    February 3, 2015 at 7:36 pm

    Wonderful interview. As a new author myself (also a Memoir), I enjoyed listening to Rhonda’s writing journey. Her book sounds beneficial for many people who have lived a broken life. I myself have been blessed to have lived a mostly wonderful life; however, I have known many who have not and your book sounds like a book that can help those, as well, as a book that can help others, better understand what some people have to go through. I love to hear/listen/read about people who have allowed God to take their broken lives and develop them into a beautiful maser piece that only He can do. Thank you Rhonda for sharing a difficult & personal part of your life, to be able to help others to find THEIR beautiful masterpiece that God has awaiting them. May God bless you as well as your book. I look forward to hearing much more about your writing.


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