Review of Nourished by Becky Johonson and Rachel Randolph.

03 Feb


As a FlyBy Promotions reviewer, I get the chance to review a lot of cool products. I was asked to participate in a review for a new book for women titled “Nourished: A search for Health, Happiness and a Full Nights Sleep.” Written by Becky Johnson and Rachel Randolph.

The a

uthors are a mother and daughter and part of the “Woman of Faith” team. This is their second book written together. The title caught my eye, so I thought I’d give it a try. That is when my problem started. Honestly, I tried to read this book, but I couldn’t connect with the authors, probably because I was a man.

However, I do know a woman who I thought might be able to help me out. I happen to be married to her. So for this review I want to welcome my wife Sheri to the blog to talk about her impressions of the book Nourished.

Sheri: Thanks for letting me share with your readers.

Me: Well I knew if anyone could help me review this book it would be you. So thank you for taking the time to read the book and give me your impressions on it.

Me: Tell me what you thought of the book overall.

Sheri: I thought it was good. I personally liked it and saw where it was needed. It teaches women about the need for balance in your life and then gives ideas for how to get that balance. The fact that it was written by a mother and daughter allowed the examples and suggestions to reach both younger and older women. I think these ideas will help me and would help our daughter as well.

Me: So you said you thought it was needed are you saying that women today are so busy that they don’t have balance in their lives?

Sheri: Most of us have more moments of imbalance between our physical, emotional and spiritual lives. Maybe because we’re too busy, we haven’t been taught to seek that balance, or we think doing so will take more time than we have to give.

ME: What are some of the things that you learned that you need to work on to maintain that balance in your life?


Sheri: One of the things that I guess I knew but had gotten away from was exercising daily. I’m not talking kill yourself work out but even just a simple 30-minute walk or sometimes on a treadmill or at the pool just something physical to keep my body in better shape and release those chemicals that exercise helps keep in check in our body.

Another thing I got was taking the time to sit and really talk with our kids and grand kids. To stay a part of their lives. Not just to do for them but to talk with them and listen to them. To let them know that they are important to me, and that I want to still be there for them.

The last big thing I got was that I needed to nurture mature relationships with the people I consider friends. I realized that I need to spend some quality time with them. Not just those few minutes when we run into each other in the street or before or after church. To spend real time getting to know them and letting them get to know me. That way when I need emotional support, my support people are invested in me and I in them.

Me: So besides the things you learned in the book. What were some of the things about it that you liked?

Sheri: These two women were open and honest about their lives. They didn’t preach balance they showed how they had needed balance in their own lives. They gave examples from their lives. They showed how they messed up along the way and showed how they got back in balance when they slipped up.

They had a way of taking their most horrifying moments and filling them with humor.

Me: Would you recommend this book to other women?

Sheri: Yes, I think that every Christian woman would be able to get something from this book. I even suggest that pastors get a copy and keep on their bookshelves to help the women in their congregations.

Me: Well thanks for helping me with this review. I really appreciate it.


Sheri: I was glad to help you know that.

So there you have it my wife says this book is a definite 5 stars for women and will be a real blessing to any age lady who picks up a copy.

And if you want you can enter here to win a free copy. Just comment below and I’ll enter you in a drawling to win a copy. One lucky person will get their own copy of Nourished: A Search for Health, Happiness, and a Full Nights Sleep.”

Until next time God bless you all. -PG

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