When Santa Comes to Our House.

05 Dec

This is the story I wrote yesterday to read to my grandson Nathan’s kindergarten class. I’m working on my own illustrations and plan to publish it in time for next Christmas. Hope you enjoy it and share with the children in your life. -PG


One day three friends named Nathan, Lawanda, and Terrance were sitting and talking about Santa coming to their houses.

“When Santa comes to my house” Terrance said, “He comes right down the Chimney.”

“We don’t have a chimney,” Lawanda told her friends. “We live in an apartment so Santa uses a magic key and the elevator brings him to our floor where his key opens up all the doors.”

“We don’t have a chimney either,” replied Nathan. But my mommy said that Santa comes in through the living room window.”

“I go to the Mall and tell Santa what I want for Christmas and that’s what he brings to my house Nathan told his friends.”

I write Santa a Letter and draw him a pretty picture. Answered LaWanda. “Then my mommy mails it to Him at the North Pole.”

“We send Santa an email” said Terrance. “That way he gets it right away.”

What do you give him to snack? on asked Lawanda. “My Daddy buys special cookies and something called eggnog that we sit out on our coffee table.”

Nathan said “I give Santa cookies too but my grandpa and I make them with a recipe. We leave them with cold milk to drink.”

“Well I give Santa rice crispy treats and hot chocolate with lots of little Marshmallows to help warm him up.” Stated Terrance.


“I hang my stocking on the fire place and Santa fills it with lots of little toys and candy.” Said Terrance

“Oh I lay mine on the coffee table and Santa fills it and hangs it on my bedroom door for me.”  Lawanda added.

“We hang ours on the wall.” Stated Nathan.

“Isn’t it strange how we all do different things and Santa still comes to visit us?” Lawanda said.

“Yes, but Santa knows that we try to be good, that’s why he comes.” Said Terrance.

“Just a few more days till Christmas.” Nathan replied. “I’d better go and find my stocking.”

The three friends said goodbye and went home none of them saw who had been watching them but he laughed as he left too. “HO” HO” HO!”


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