Secret Santa Romance part 2

15 Dec

Here is part two I hope you continue to enjoy this tale will put up part three tomorrow God willing-Pgwhite-elephant-gift-exchange

Tuesday went by without a gift or word from her secret Santa. Jolene was kind of glad, there was something almost stalker-like about having someone know where you live and what you like and you have no clue who they were. She figured he must be someone she knew but the only one who came to mind that knew her that well was Randall. While she was secretly in love with him, he really only saw her as a sister or good buddy. Someone he could turn to for a night out without drama or tons of paparazzi. Wednesday she got up to go to work and experienced a severe pain in her right side. Before she could even get dressed she found herself on the floor in terrible pain. She dialed 911 and after they told her they were sending an ambulance, she called Randall. Since her grandmother’s passing, he was her emergency contact person. Before he could answer, another wave of pain hit her and she crawled to the bathroom and started vomiting. Randall answered to the noise of her being sick and immediately told her he was on his way.

The pain didn’t cease and neither did the nausea. She could hear someone pounding on her door but she couldn’t move to respond. Then everything went black as the pain grew in intensity and her body finally passed out from the pain.


Randall woke to his phone ringing. The caller ID showed that it was Jolene. Why would she be calling this early, he wondered. He answered to hear her retching on the other end. That went on and on and she didn’t respond to his calling out to her. Something was very wrong. “Don’t worry, Jolene, I’m on my way.” He threw on some clothes and grabbing the keys to his Tesla, tore out of his house. By the time he hit the street the sports car was humming its way to 100 mph. He turned on his emergency flashers and laid on the horn as he tore across town to Jolene’s apartment.

He arrived just as an ambulance did. He didn’t wait to see where they were going but headed straight up to Jolene’s apartment. He started knocking on the door but Jolene didn’t answer. He tried to call her and tell her he was there but her phone was busy. Then the EMTs arrived at the door. This made him more worried than he had been and he started pounding on the door as hard as he could. The first responders talked about going to the super and getting him to let them in. Randall wasn’t going to wait that long and took a step back and using his muscular leg kicked the door right at the deadbolt. The cheap frame couldn’t withstand the force of the worried and adrenaline fueled man; the door slammed open with a loud crack.

He entered and stepped aside as the Medical personnel raced into the apartment. He showed them where the bathroom was and there they found Jolene unconscious on the cold tile floor. They quickly tried to revive her but she never fully became conscious. They strapped her to the gurney and headed out to the hospital. Randall stopped down at the management office, explained about Jolene’s door, and asked that they repair it and send him the bill. Then he raced to the hospital at a breakneck speed, pushing the electric sports car to its limit. All the way there he prayed that Jolene would be okay.


He entered the emergency room and asked about her. The woman at the desk told him what room she was in and buzzed the door open for him. He entered her room to see a doctor and several nurses working on her. Jolene’s face was pale and soaked with sweat. There were wires and machines all around her..

“Who are you?” The doctor asked.

“I’m Randall Herrschner, I’m her emergency contact and friend.”

“You wouldn’t happen to have medical power of attorney in case of an emergency would you?”

“Yes, ever since her grandmother passed away. Why?”

“Can you get me a copy of that document?”

“I can have it faxed over right away, why?”

“Do that”


“I officially can’t talk to you until I have that document, but you need to hurry. Every second counts.”

Randall pulled his cell phone out and called his personal assistant. “Larry, its Randall, fax Jolene’s Medical Power of Attorney letter to the emergency room at county hospital immediately and cancel all my appointments till I say otherwise. I don’t care, do it now. Oh, and send me a shot of it right now to my phone. Yes, right now.” With that he hung up and waited for the buzz that said he had received a text. Then he opened it and showed it to the doctor. “Here, the fax is on the way. Now start talking.”

The doctor looked at the document on the screen. “Alright, your friend’s appendix has ruptured. I need to get her stabilized and into surgery as quickly as possible.”

“Do it.”

The doctor nodded and sent one of the nurses to get the paperwork and call surgery. Then they rushed Jolene out the door and up to the surgery team. “You can wait for her in the surgery waiting room upstairs. Someone will contact you when she is out of surgery.” The nurse put her hand on his arm to stop him. “Just know they are doing everything they can, but this is a very serious condition your friend finds herself in.”

Randall stopped and looked at the woman. “How serious?”

“Extremely serious, if you are a praying man you should do that.”

Randall felt as if the rug had been pulled out from under him. He knew what the nurse was saying; Jolene’s life was in danger. He nodded to her and hurried upstairs to the surgery waiting area. On the way he called the pastor of their church and told him what was going on. He called Jolene’s office and told them what was going on as well. Then he put the phone in his pocket and contacted the only one who could really do anything to help them. “God, please don’t let her die. Help the surgeon and guide his hands. Heal her, God. I can’t lose her, not yet, not without telling her how I feel.”

He continued to pray while waiting to hear that she was out of surgery and okay. He didn’t even notice when the pastor arrived, so intense was his inner prayer and turmoil. He noticed nothing till he heard someone asking for the family of Jolene Fairday. Then he was on his feet. “That’s me.”

An exhausted looking woman in surgical scrubs approached him. “Jolene is out of surgery and in recovery. Her appendix ruptured and it took a while to get all the infection that had leaked into her system. I’m going to start her on a high dose of antibiotics and keep her for a few days to make sure they are working. I think we got it all and she should be okay in about a week. Sore for a while, but okay. You should be able to see her in about an hour. I’ll have one of the nurses get you when she is awake. She’s lucky, it could have been a lot worse. If you hadn’t found her she could have died.”

“Thank you, doctor. I appreciate it.”

The doctor nodded and headed back into the surgical ward. Randall couldn’t think straight, all he could hear was, “She could have died.” She could have died never knowing that he really and truly loved her. Well, that was going to change. Enough Secret Santa crap; it was time to man up and tell Jolene how he really felt. With that decided he turned and talked with the pastor, letting him know what the doctor had said and arranging for him to come visit Jolene after she had rested and recovered some.

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