Redeeming Character is Out on Amazon.

07 Mar

So Book Five of the Redemption Tales just hit Amazon. After two years and three strokes and a stomach bleed as health setbacks I’ve finally gotten “Redeeming Character” published. Below is a short taste of this book. If it peaks your interest then go grab your copy today at

If you haven’t read the first four books in the series you might want to start with Redeeming Reputation and then Redeeming Trail, Redeeming Grace and Redeeming Love. All are available on my Amazon Author Page Here.

Now a peek at Redeeming Character.

RC  cover.jpg

The look on Bart’s face told David he was surprised Nathaniel’s father would ask such a question. “Reverend, I don’t understand your take on your son. You raised him to be a Man of God, and that’s what he is. He is the most forgiving person I know.”

David scoffed, “We both know he isn’t forgiving. Just the number of people he has killed since he came West proves otherwise.” The only thing that gave away Bart’s emotional response to David’s statement was a quick tightening of his hands on his reins and the flinty hardness of the gunslinger he used to be in his eyes.

“Reverend, I’m not a Bible scholar but I was in church Sunday and heard your sermon. I got to say that I disagreed with you. You say your son is a killer, and yet since the day I met him, he has tried his hardest not to take any man’s life.”

David shook his head, “I find that hard to believe. In the year we’ve been here I personally know of at least two dozen men he has killed.”

“Yes, but do you know in almost every single one of those cases, and the others I’ve seen in the two years I’ve known him, he has tried to spare every life he can. Take myself and Timothy as an example.”

David’s face puckered in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“Reverend, didn’t you know both of us set out to kill him? Instead, he led us both to Christ and offered us not only forgiveness, but his friendship and a new chance at a better life. The same with Sheriff Stevens. Dakota was one of Diamond Dale’s men and had taken over the Dueling N Ranch. David forgave him, and even convinced the town to pardon him and allow him to become the Sheriff to repay the debt he felt he owed. My own personal story with Nathan is, I challenged him to a duel. As a matter of fact, I threatened to kill him and anyone I found him with if he didn’t meet me in the street for a showdown. Do you know what his response to that was?”

“Well, since you are both alive, I assume he didn’t meet you in the street.”

“Actually, he agreed to meet me for the showdown but invited me to breakfast first. Then he shared Jesus’ message of salvation to me. I laughed in his face and as much as told him I’d kill him at noon. He spent the rest of the morning finding out something about me no one before him had realized.

When noon rolled around, he stepped onto the street and made me admit that by being there he had kept his word. Once I did, he dropped his guns in the dirt and refused to draw against me. Instead, he informed me I was not wanted back east by the law, and handed me a telegraph from my wife telling me she was coming to be with me. Then he offered me a job working for him. He did the same thing for Timothy, too.

They actually had a shootout, and Timothy surrendered to Nathan as acting sheriff. The next day Nathan apologized to Timothy for almost killing him. Several days later, he led Timothy to the Lord and gave him a job as well. So when I say he is the godliest man I know, I mean it.”

David pondered on what Bart had told him as they rode the land. Bart pointed out several good places to build small sharecropper homes and natural dividing lines to each sharecropper’s property. He showed David the right land to keep for himself to raise a small amount of livestock. Some cows and enough horses and oxen to keep the sharecroppers, himself, and any workers he hired in milk, meat, mounts and work animals. As they were riding back to the homestead, Bart informed David of one more fact.

“Reverend, earlier you asked me why Nathan sent us to help you. Truth is, I’m the only person on the ranch that knows the two of you had a fight and why. He made me promise to help you because you’re his parents, and he said this to me just before he and Grace left. ‘He may be wrong in how he treated Grace and me, but he’s still my Father and I will honor him by forgiving him even though I don’t want to. Make sure they are both taken care of ‘til I get back.’ So while you may not be welcome on the Dueling Ns right now, one or more of our hands will be here to check on y’all every day ‘til he returns.”

David was about to respond when the two men heard someone shouting their names. Riding hell bent for leather one of the young hands came tearing up to them. “Reverend, Bart; Sandy Bob said to get back to the house quick; there was some trouble on Mrs. Ryder’s way home from town.”

All three men kicked their mounts into a full-out run. David’s heart was in his throat as he asked. “Is Rebecca okay?” The words of the young hand wrapped the icy hand of fear around his heart and troubled lungs.

“Sandy Bob has done sent for the Doc; he should be there by the time we get there.”

Bart asked one question “What happened?”

The one-word answer made that hand clamp even harder on David’s insides. “Outlaws!”

That’s all you get for free. If you want to know more then head on over to Amazon and grab yer copy of “Redeeming Character.”

Till next time Pardners. -PG



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