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I Give Up!!

Can you believe my first book was published five years ago? It wasPrayerwalking for Spiritual Break Through. It was followed by my first novel,Redeeming Reputationa little over a year later. As theRedemption Bookswere published, I kept being called a romance author, a title which I vehemently denied. I went so far in my denial as to get a bit upset when I found outRedeeming Gracehad been entered by a fan into a romance book contest. I was also shocked when it took silver (2nd place) in the Christian Western Romance category. I couldn’t comprehend why no one understood that I didn’t write romance. I wrote westerns with a touch of romance in them.


Now I laugh about that. Want to know why? Because at the end of last year I realized something. Something that to me was quite shocking. Maybe it will be to you too, but then again, maybe it won’t. You know what shocked me? I realized that (looks both ways to see who’s trying to listen in) I write romance. Up until this year, I wrote Christian Romance. However, I’m giving up!

No I’m not giving up writing so you can put down the nitro tablets. No need for a heart attack. What I’m doing is giving up fighting my true nature. You see while I don’t like to admit it, (thus the five years of denial) I’m a romantic at heart. I always have been. I think the first time I tried to romance a lady was in Kindergarten. I fell head over heels for this little girl in our church and my teacher. Even then I was romantic. Unlike lots of little boys, I didn’t pull her hair or pick on her. I didn’t act up to get teacher’s attention either. I took them little thoughtful gifts. Flowers hand picked from my mom’s flower beds, a little debbie snack, my favorite color crayon. You get the picture.

So I give up. I’m not going to keep fighting my nature. As of this year, I’m officially a romance writer. Not just Christian Romance either. I’m branching out as I embrace my romantic side. I’m writing all kinds of sweet romance. As a matter of fact, besides the last Redemption Book and theMarshall, Texas Rangerseries it’s probably all I’m going to be writing.

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know in this blog. OH I’ll still write a few other things as they take my interest but mainly I’ll be focusing on romance novels. I hope y’all will come with me on this journey.



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