George McVey is a pastor with twenty years experience in leading people to a closer walk with Jesus Christ. He lives in Charleston, West Virginia with his wife, two sons, daughter and grandson. They live in a house with running water and everything.

From an early age George has been a story teller. He never considered writing until people in his life kept telling him the stories he told and made up should be written down. Still he resisted the idea. Then in 2010 during a conversation with  a fellow pastor he was asked to send the pastor notes on prayerwalking. As Pastor George put those notes together he realized that what he had was the making of a good book. That as they say was that and Pastor George took those notes and turned them into “Prayer Walking for Spiritual Break Through” his first book.

Since then George has written one other teaching book called “The Complete Armor of God” as well as his first fiction book the story of  young Nathan Ryder in the book “Redeeming Reputation

Rise of the Champion is his first serial and another episode will be released each month till Tal’s story is told. Get Episode One here

You can find all of PG’S books and blogs listed at his Amazon Author page here

You can reach Pastor George through his email at or on his Facebook page .


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